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GLOBE is founded on the principles of science education and collaboration. From engaging lesson plans to measurement campaigns, over 35,000 schools worldwide have used GLOBE's resources to investigate the natural environment. Through the efforts of both students and citizens, over 200 million points of data have been contributed to the scientific community, providing researchers a crucial look inside Earth's systems from thousands of miles away. 

As climates around the world continue to change, acquiring accurate data like this is as important as ever, so there's never been a better time to "Do Globe."

Do GLOBE Subsections

GLOBE Teacher's Guide

In the Teacher's Guide, you'll find a collection of useful resources, like scientific background information, data collection protocols, and learning activities organized by Earth sphere.

measurement campaigns

Measurement Campaigns

GLOBE's measurement campaigns provide students with an inquiry-based approach to science that complements their in-class lessons. These campaigns are grounded in real science and take place on both a regional and worldwide scale.

Teaching Resources

In an effort to support our mission of science education, GLOBE provides a wealth of resources to help teachers engage their students with the world around them. Within our resources page, you can find teaching aides like: Earth System science posters, GLOBE instructional videos, project-based learning organizers, and more.

For Students

Student Resources

Learn how to be a GLOBE scientist! Discover the scientific process, get tips on writing a research report, and learn more about the Earth System with games and puzzles.