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Welcome to the Earth as a System community, your first stop on the site to find out what is going on in the various Earth as a System campaigns and projects.  Download Earth as a System lesson plans and activities.

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Agriculture Bundle

Maintaining the natural resource base is essential for the sustainable production of food and other agricultural products and their benefits to humanity, including food security, nutrition, and livelihoods. If we want to manage our agricultural, we need to measure the environmental inputs - Water, soil, atmosphere and plants - that are necessary to sustain cultivation both in terms of their quantity and quality.

Air Quality Bundle

Air quality (a measurement of the amount of pollution in the air) is affected by a number of factors. These factors can include the source of pollutants, the type of pollutants, and local climatological and weather conditions. This bundle help demonstrate the linkages between atmospheric phenomena, land cover use, and air quality.

ENSO Protocol Bundle

This bundle includes atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere protocols that are used for the GLOBE ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Campaign which has been formulated to engage students in determining where and how much El Niño affects local places and to put students in contact with the resulting patterns in their local environment.

Mosquito Protocol Bundle

This protocol bundle combines all GLOBE protocols that are related to the Mosquito habitat mapper app and explains how they are related. You can make a difference in tracking and controlling the spread of mosquitoes and help save your loved ones from getting dengue, Zika and other illnesses.

Ocean Bundle

Oceans are complex ecosystems, which implies that their study needs to take into consideration several interrelated physical parameters, not to mention the mechanisms and processes which reflect the interaction between land and oceans along coastal zones as well as the interaction between the atmosphere and oceans. This  group of protocols is to be jointly implemented to improve our knowledge about oceans.

Rivers and Lakes Protocol Bundle

The purpose of the Rivers and Lakes Protocol Bundle is to group GLOBE protocols that may provide students with the knowledge and ideas of various interactions happening in their local rivers and lakes.

Soil Bundle

The purpose of the Soil Bundle protocol is to provide greater knowledge on the relationship between soil characteristics and their function for different ecosystems.

Urban Protocol Bundle

The purpose of the Urban Bundle is to suggest a group of GLOBE protocols that can provide students and teachers with integrated knowledge of the environment in urban areas, including various processes and their interactions. Given the many small-scale variations caused by the built environment, such citizen science contributions are particularly needed to adequately characterize the urban environment.

Water Cycle Protocol Bundle

The Water Cycle is a key part of the Earth system. The fluxes and reservoirs that comprise it vary over time and space. The data you collect can help characterize the cycle in your area. This bundle contains atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere protocols.

Water Quality Protocol Bundle

As water interacts with the atmosphere, soil and the surrounding land cover bordering water bodies, and the surface over which the water flows, the water quality changes. Water quality determines what can live in the water body and how the water may be used. This bundle contains atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere protocols.

Weather Bundle

The purpose of the Weather Bundle is to suggest a group of GLOBE protocols that can provide students and teachers with integrated knowledge of the parameters and processes which control weather and are responsible through their changes, for weather events. 


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