GLOBE Equipment - Earth as a System

GLOBE Equipment: Earth as a System

All GLOBE instrument specifications described below represent the minimum specifications necessary to collect scientifically valid data. GLOBE schools may use instruments that meet or exceed these specifications. For example, the GLOBE specifications for pH paper call for a range of 2 to 9 pH units. A pH paper with a range of 1 to 14 exceeds specifications and may be used by GLOBE schools.


Protocol Skill Level Instruments
Latitude, Longitude &
Elevation of GLOBE Study Sites
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver


Instrument Specifications by Protocol

Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver

The instrument must be capable of:

  • Expressing latitude and longitude in decimal degrees to the nearest 0.0001 degrees (may alternatively express in whole degrees, minutes and decimal minutes to the nearest 0.01 minutes, but this will require conversion before reporting readings to GLOBE)
  • Displaying time on screen in units of UT hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Using the WGS-84 map datum 
  • Displaying elevation in meters