European Air Quality Campaign

Have you ever wondered how clean the air is in your area? Or how it compares to neighbouring towns and countries?

All GLOBE schools are invited to study air quality and share their data with the GLOBE community.

Let’s create a map of air pollution together! Let’s find out what is in the air near you!

The campaign starts on March 1st  and continues to April 30th 2019!

We will focus on aerosols - or tiny particles - transported by air currents across the planet. Some aerosols such as diesel particles negatively impact human health and the environment. Other types such as pollen play an important role in the Earth’s ecosystems.

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Want to take part?

  1. Join the Air Quality Campaign Community here to receive regular updates and alerts on aerosols events.
  2. From March to April take measurements and share them as often as possible:
    1. Observe the sky conditions (sky colour, visibility, clouds…) to get a first level of understanding of the presence of aerosols.
    2. If you have a sun photometer, take AOT measurements.
    3. Submit your data via the Online Desktop Form or the Data Entry mobile app.
    4. Watch and use News and Discussion page for collaboration, sharing your discoveries to inspire each other 
    5. Find a scientist in your country and introduce him/her to the GLOBE Air Quality Campaign.

  3. In May, review your data and do a short report on your findings; feel free to discuss them with other GLOBE schools and scientists to share experiences and get feedback.

What your students can get out of it?

  • Understand better what air pollution is and how it travels.
  • Gather data on local air quality and learn to present it in an appealing way.
  • Critically reviewing data by comparing it with satellite and ground monitors.
  • Collaboration with GLOBE schools and scientists.
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