GLOBE Data Entry App

Data Entry Mobile App

There are silhouettes of three children touching a large globe showing Africa and Europe, with countries colored green and yellow. At the bottom of the image, there is text stating “GLOBE”.

Enter measurements when they are collected with GLOBE's Data Entry app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this app is perfect for entering data in real time or offline. The app also streamlines the data entry process and is a great option for logging measurements while out in the field without an internet connection. Results are saved on the app to upload to our databases when the user is back in an area with an active internet connection. 

GLOBE's latest addition to the app also lets users create site repositories, edit site photos and more, either online or offline. Users can use their phone or tablet's camera to document sites directly in the app for later reference.

Important: To use the GLOBE Data Entry App, users must first create a GLOBE account and complete GLOBE's data protocol training.

For Android Devices

Download the app from Google Play

For iOS Devices

Download the app from the App Store