Detroit and Alaska Students Connect Through GLOBE

Having students collaborate on projects has been a great potential of the GLOBE Program. Through GLOBE Mission EARTH, students in Detroit, Michigan and Shageluk, Alaska interacted over the Internet. Their teachers worked together with GLOBE Mission EARTH to plan the exchange.

Students from Randy Smith Middle School, Fairbanks, Alaska, Carol Scott.

Thirkell Elementary School 5th grade, Detroit Michigan - Teacher Connie Atkisson

Students were asked to generate questions to ask each other before the web meeting. They found that their houses were very similar. The kids in Detroit talked about how they liked to dance. The kids in Alaska talked about hunting. The students showed each other where they were from in their states. It was funny that both groups used their hands to show where they live in their state.

Detroit, Michigan

Fairbanks, Alaska

It was obvious from the start that the students come from very different backgrounds. The students exchanged very interesting questions and answers. They asked what their homes were like in each location. They asked what they did for fun. What was obvious from the interaction was that kids are kids. They joked around and had fun talking with each other.

We hope that the students and teachers can talk again in the future.

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