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How often have we heard our country coordinator say that they need us to submit news? I think just about every meeting we have I hear about it. Jen (the U.S. country coordinator) even has a tag line at the end of her emails with a phone number to submit news. I never submit things to GLOBE news because I don’t feel that I do anything newsworthy. I was talking to some other GLOBE partners and found out that they would like to hear more about how we do some things here at the Purdue GLOBE Partnership. Who would have thought we would have been doing things interesting to others? Well news can be defined as ‘newly received or noteworthy information’ or ‘information not previously known to someone’. With that being said, we have a lot of news that we should be sharing. We are doing professional development events with home school groups, creating GLOBE kits for teachers to borrow, doing citizen science at community events, incorporating GLOBE protocols in a variety of other educational programs. I would guess that YOU are doing something that we don’t know about too. I called up Jen and asked her what do we have to have to submit news. It turns out all you need is a paragraph about something you are doing. A photo to go along with it would be great too. I dug a little deeper and found out how to post news. Here is the format that you will see on the GLOBE website to create a new news article. 

News Title*
News Date*
News Short Blurb* 
News Long Blurb* 
News Full Text*
News Thumbnail Image (215 x 120 pixels)
News Thumbnail Alt Tag
News External URL

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your news

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GIO reply: Thanks Stephen for encouraging more sharing of news. To clarify the process: anyone can submit news to their Country Coordinator or Regional Desk. The CC or RCO then vets the news item and, if it is appropriate content for the GLOBE website, s/he alerts the GIO comms desk, where GIO then posts the news. Hope this helps our readers!