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Welcome to the University of Toledo (UT) Partner Page for GLOBE Mission EARTH!

Dr. Kevin Czajkowski is the Principal Investigator (PI) for GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) and has been involved in GLOBE since 2003, along with GME-UT Project Manager Janet Struble. GME-UT Project Coordinator Sara Mierzwiak joined the group in 2010. GME-UT has hosted the SATELLITES Student Research Symposium since 2007, where students from around the region have presented the results of their GLOBE research projects each spring.

The UT GME Team has also been hosting Professional Development for teachers since 2000. The goals of the UT Professional Development have been to have teachers actively collect GLOBE and create research projects and to present those projects to their peers. This process mimics what students are expected to do when they participate in the GLOBE Program when involved with GLOBE Mission EARTH and the University of Toledo.


Our University of Toledo GLOBE Mission EARTH Team Members are: 


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