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Data Entry

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There are numerous ways to measurements into GLOBE's databases. Users can find an entry method that works best for them or their students and start contributing to a worldwide effort of scientific discovery. 

Learn more about how to enter data with GLOBE.

Important: Due to issues with float demagnetization, GLOBE discourages the use of U-tube thermometers for recording maximum and minimum air temperatures. Instead, replace any liquid-filled thermometers with digital models.

Data Entry Training
Practice entering data into GLOBE repositories before moving on to real-world measurements. Whether users are in a workshop or showing others the data entry process, they can familiarize themselves with GLOBE's various processes using artificial data. This data is not intended to be used in GLOBE's official databases. For this option, users must either be GLOBE certified or in the process of receiving their certification.
Desktop Forms
Log environmental data directly on the GLOBE website. Measurements must be collected at defined sites with proper instrumentation and sorted by protocol to maintain data integrity.
The GLOBE Program's app, GLOBE Observer
Designed to supplement measurements from NASA satellites, The GLOBE Program’s app, GLOBE Observer, is a great tool for cataloguing data about sky conditions, mosquito breeding sites, ground cover and tree height. Available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is open to citizen scientists from GLOBE countries around the world.
Email Data Entry
Submit data directly to GLOBE databases by email. Emails will be processed by a computer program and then uploaded into GLOBE's systems. Since this is an automated process, be sure to follow the specific formatting for email submissions.
GLOBE DataTool
Record data into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and upload the file directly with the GLOBE DataTool. Developed by the University of Cologne, this tool is a great way to upload especially large datasets into GLOBE archives. To use this option, measurement sites must already be created at GLOBE.
GLOBE Data Entry App
Enter data as it is collected with GLOBE's Data Entry app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can enter their data in real time or offline, and upload results when they are back in an area with available internet.