GLOBE Data User Guide

GLOBE Data User Guide

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To discover all the various ways to use GLOBE data, download the GLOBE Data User Guide (PDF) (version 2.0, effective 30 December 2022).

Learn how to access and interpret GLOBE data with this Data User Guide. Inside, members can find appendices on GLOBE's associated metadata, the types of variables available for download, primers on our different protocols and more.

GLOBE data is collected and submitted by GLOBE-trained teachers, students and citizen scientists. GLOBE also collects additional data from automated weather stations and individual data loggers. Through the hard work of these participants, over 200 million measurements have been logged into GLOBE archives and made available for public use.

Version 1.0 of the Data User Guide is available for reference.

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User Guide Updates

The GLOBE Data User Guide v2.0 has now been posted, effective 30 December 2022 (see link above). Going forward, this page will include updates that will be incorporated into v3.0. A new version of the User Guide is only planned to be released at approximately annual intervals. This page is to provide the GLOBE community and end users with updates in a timely manner.

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  • Changes Incorporated in Volume 2

    The following announcements were incorporated into Volume 2 and are kept here for archival purposes.

  • Eclipse Data Documentation

    During solar eclipses, the ability to enter current air temperature data has been/will be made available to users of the app who have not gone through GLOBE training, but are using the GLOBE...

  • Landcover Supplementary Photos added

    On 12/22/2023 the Observer app / Landcover module was modified to allow users to include up to 4 "special feature" photos. The intent is to allow users to photograph up to 4 features which may...

  • Python Notebook Samples

    Below are Python Notebooks that provide models to pull and analyze data from GLOBE's API.