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Get Trained

To support GLOBE's mission of global collaboration, there are in-person and online trainings around the world for teachers. These sessions ensure that the data collected and submitted is of the highest quality for GLOBE partners in the scientific community. GLOBE protocols are written and reviewed by scientists, so teachers and students can be sure the methods they learn during the trainings are scientifically verified.

To contribute to GLOBE's databases, at least one teacher at a school must attend either an in-person training or complete the Protocol eTraining modules. 

Get Trained SubSections

In-Person Workshops
GLOBE in-person teacher workshops are the best way to learn about the program. The workshops will teach GLOBE data protocols and help participants connect their pupils to an international network of students, teachers and scientists to learn more about our shared environment. 

Protocol eTraining
If there is not an in-person workshop nearby, GLOBE offers a collection of online protocol modules teachers can complete at their own pace. These modules also provide a great review for current GLOBE teachers and can serve as supplementary material for the in-person programs.

Note: If a member does not attend a teacher workshop, they must pass the required assessment tests at the end of each module to be fully GLOBE certified.

Use the GLOBE Website
Discover how to use the GLOBE website in the most effective way possible. These web tutorials will help users navigate the site, assist with data entry and visualization, and provide quick tips on best practices.