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Education Working Group

Education Working Group

The Education Working Group implements strategically aligned updates to various learning-focused materials and processes within The GLOBE Program. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance GLOBE's STEAM education efforts within the community.

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Our Vision

Collaboration within The GLOBE Program to ensure that educational resources and processes are readily accessible to and reflect the needs of the global community.

Our Mission

The Education Working Group is poised to interact with the GIO and other Working Groups to ensure that Earth Systems Science education processes and products are regularly updated and reflect the needs of the growing global community.


Who We Are

Find the currently active Education Working Group members and their contact information below:  

 Lynne Hehr

  • Chair
  • North America, At Large 
  • lhehr(at)


Ngosse Fall 

  • Member
  • Africa 
  • fallngosse (at)

 Rod Allan A. de Lara

  • Member
  • Asia & Pacific
  • radelara (at)

 Ülle Kikas

  • Member
  • Europe & Eurasia 
  • ylle.kikas (at)

 Dario Victor Greni Olivieri

  • Member
  • Latin America & the Caribbean 
  • dariovgreni (at)

Nahid Nail Jamil Ajluni

  • Member
  • Near East & North Africa 
  • najluni (at)

Dorian Janney

  • NASA Representative for the GLOBE Education WG
  • North America 
  • dorian.w.janney (at)


 Simon Castro-Wooldrigde

  • GIO Liaison
  • North America
  • sjwooldridge (at)

What We Stand For

The Education Working Group supports the concept that lifelong learners of all ages, from kinder to elder, should be actively engaged in The GLOBE Program. The group, in cooperation with the sponsors, GIO, other working groups, and other community members, endeavors to ensure GLOBE's training materials and educational resources are of the highest quality. The group also promotes worldwide connections and collaboration to support scientific literacy among the GLOBE community.



Annual Meeting & Resources

For an overview of our current initiatives and goals, check out our presentation below from this year's GLOBE Annual Review:


Additional Resources

Explore the various Education Working Group resources and annual initiatives below: