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A Tale of 10 Zones

Student(s):Luisa Clausen Renzo-Joe Micallef Aiden Zammit Anna Camilleri Christabelle Caruana Rowen Galea Ben Sultana Christiana Thewma Stephanie Attard Hannah Formosa Zack Zammit Faith V. Abdilla Isaac Formosa Jayden Buttigieg Chase Cauchi Maraya Thewma Matthew Farrugia Louisa Cassar Nathan Cauchi Owen Micallef Alessandro Fava Caia Mifsud Dean Grima
Grade Level:Lower Primary (grades K-2, ages 5-8)
GLOBE Teacher:Marcelle Cassar
Contributors:Saviour Tabone Ramona Mercieca
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Surface Temperature
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Optional Badges:Be a Data Scientist, Make An Impact, Be a STEM Storyteller
Date Submitted:03/11/2021
Measuring surface temperature
This investigation was conducted using the GLOBE Surface Temperature Protocol to analyse the surface temperature of ten different zones within one complex- San Lawrenz Primary School. The research was based on the fact that darker surfaces absorb heat energy at a faster rate than lighter ones, resulting in a raised temperature. Observations were done in various conditions from dry to wet ground. The research was adopted by the whole school community, the pupils, teachers and the ancillary staff. Parents were planned to be involved, but due to COVID-19 mitigation measures they were not allowed inside the school. Nine samples from ten different zones were collected on five days each having different weather conditions. Though the data supported the hypothesis, the graphs led to several interesting conclusions.