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Flooding in La Plata

Organization(s):Colegio French
Student(s):Maia Zapotoczny
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Educator(s):Emiliano Basic
Report Type(s):
Date Submitted:04/26/2013
Screen capture from presentation
This research is about the flooding in La Plata, Argentina, on April 2nd. The research question is is if the increase in buildings in La Plata contributes to the city flooding. And my hypothesis is that there are other factors, such as the lack of a suitable drainage system, that contribute to the flooding. With the evidence available and making a research through the internet, I could answer my research question in a positive way.


Thank you for making me aware of this recent flooding event.

Is there any GLOBE data available to help you address the question about changes in local precipitation?

How many people live in La Plata? The video says 599, but I do not think this is correct?
Hi my name is Maia, there is no GLOBE data available for local precipitations in La Plata. The population of La Plata is of about 599,000. It was a typing mistake, sorry.
Did you investigate the connection between flooding and increased building?

To truly test your hypothesis, what additional data would you need?