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The effect of Zamzam water on tap water in terms of (conductivity – oxygen – nitrates)

Student(s):Prepared By. Shahad Refaay Ameerah Al-muzaini Lama AL-hojori
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:
Contributors:Supervised by : T.Majedah Al-johani
Date Submitted: 03/06/2020

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Zamzam water is pure, . It is currently in the form of a well in the barren desert surrounding Mecca
the results of analyzing several water : , the results concluded that Zamzam water is the only one that outperforms, in terms of purity and the advantage of water ratios .Zamzam water also has fluorine compounds that kill germs, is safe to drink, ,, the well of Zamzam does not contain any fungi. The current study aims at measuring the effect of Zamzam water on tap water in terms of (conductivity, oxygen, and nitrates), The study was conducted over a week, . It was concluded that the conductivity ratio of tap water increased with the increase of Zamzam water, and that the values of dissolved oxygen in water increase with increasing Zamzam water, while nitrate values remained constant at 0 because it is drinking water. The study came to demonstrate that tap water is affected by Zamzam water; and it agrees with the study of the Japanese scientist Imoto which states (Zamzam water has unique properties not available in tap water, and when a drop of Zamzam water is added to a 1000 drops of tap water, makes it acquire the properties of Zamzam water