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The impact of temperature change on larval mosquito outbreaks

Student(s):Students of Lycee Rabemanjara
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
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Protocols:Water Temperature
Date Submitted:05/03/2013
Screen capture from presentation
Our school is called Lycée Jacques RABEMANJARA, it is located in the eastern part of Madagascar, in the city of TOAMASINA. Considering the fact that malaria is every year in our region we chose two sites of malaria in order to observe the proliferation of mosquito larvae and the factors that determine our school in order to neutralize them to protect students who work on the edge this area and participate at the same time the national fight against malaria.


Very interesting research! Are there any additional variables that you would measure to see if there's a connection to larvae outbreaks? Have you seen any results from educating the students at the school about the proper disposal of trash?
Very interesting project. As you explain we can see about the climate change and how important it is. How could you continue this research? Others variables to include?
Hello students, Thank you for providing an interesting project. Were you able to enter your data into the GLOBE database? If not, please add these data for other students to use in their research. Could other environmental factors also play a part in the intensity of the mosquito outbreaks? Are there any factors that might reduce the predator population? If you chose additional sites at other locations in Toamasina do you think you would find the similar results?
It's a nice follow-up that you used the data to inform the community, especially about not throwing containers into the environment that could hold rain water and act as potential breeding locations for mosquitoes.