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The relationship between temperature and humidity and their effect on the formation of clouds

Student(s):Rowad Mohammed Arifi & Salma Khalil Qattan & Lana Nabil Zahrani
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher:
Contributors:the supervisor / Jawahar Abdul Aziz Al-Rahma & the supervisor Nada Al-Habib & Professor Abdulrahman Hussein Al-Zahrani,
Date Submitted: 03/10/2019
How clouds form

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The objective of this study is to find the relationship between temperature and relative humidity and their impact on the formation of clouds under constant pressure in the middle area 59 in Riyadh.
In this study, we used the experimental approach. Temperature and humidity protocols were measured and the formation of clouds was measured within 60 days.
During this period, the relationship between them was observed and they were affected by each other.

From this study, we found that there is a relationship between temperature and humidity, and that temperature and humidity are not the only factors that affect the formation of clouds,

We recommend at the end of the research that
Other studies are being conducted on the factors affecting the formation of clouds, especially rain clouds in the Riyadh region.
The need to monitor daily readings of weather variables.

This study contributes significantly to the development and monitoring of a geographical and climate database in our region.
He predicted the shapes of clouds
And to infer the appropriate conditions for the formation of clouds. This may be useful in finding ways to provide potable water