Hydrology Study of Yamuna River

Student(s):Shivam Verma
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher(s):Poonam Das
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
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Optional Badges: Be a Collaborator, Make An Impact, Be a Data Scientist
Date Submitted:03/31/2017

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Water of River Yamuna in New Delhi, India was Done. Its visibility was studied with the visibility disk. Its Specific gravity and pH was also found.
It was found that the water had poor visibility and the pH of river water was not fir for any living organisms.


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Student 3 of Steven Frantz
In your report you said this situation is not fair to any living organism. How do you think this will help people? Do you have any ideas on how to clean up this river?

Posted on 4/13/17 2:07 PM.

What is the role of Globe students to solve this problem?

Posted on 4/23/17 5:24 AM.

Hello Shivam! Thank you for your participation. You chose a very interesting and very important topic to study. It is very important to look at the health of our major rivers, especially one as important as the Yamuna.

You gave one explanation on why it is important for the river to be healthy and said one way it could be improved. What other reasons is this river important and what are some other ways it could be cleaned or improved?

-Amy Barfield

Posted on 5/10/17 6:11 PM.