The Reasons behind Lack of Maturity of Lemon Tree Fruits in AlDwahriya Village (Wilayat of Dank)

Organization(s):Elayet feda basic school
Student(s):Qabas Saleh AlMokbali
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher(s):Fakhria Saud
Contributors:- Teacher: Fakhria Saud AlBalushi - Teacher: Jamila HumaidAlMamari - Teacher: NadeeraAlHarthi National coordinator in GLOBE program in Sultanate of Oman - The school head and vice head for their roles in providing advice and scientific guidance that are related to research. - Teaching stuff in ElayatFida school for providing support and facilities to do the research.
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report, International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:pH, Water Transparency, Salinity (including Titration), Conductivity, Soil pH, Soil Temperature, Soil Characterization
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Optional Badges: Be a Data Scientist, Be an Engineer, Be a STEM Professional
Date Submitted:04/09/2019

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This research aims to study the reasons behind lack of maturity of lemon tree fruits. The questions are as below:
- What are the reasons behind lack of maturity of lemon tree fruits in AlKadari village?
- What are the external factors that impact on lack of maturity of lemon tress in AlKadari village?
- Is there any difference in the characteristics of soil between AlDwahriya and AlKadari? Why?
- What is the kind of soil in the two areas?

We started field visits to the research site. We checked the area and we registered all what surround it. We also noted the factors that affect the area and we took samples from AlKadari soil and the water used in irrigation. Then, we went to water source that is used in irrigation in the area and we found a well. After that, we checked up AlDwahriya farm and we noted the factors that surround it. Furthermore, we took samples from water and soil used in irrigation. We searched for the source of that water and we found that it was well water. Then, we went to the school laboratory and we applied soil and water protocols for the regions. We noticed that salinity clearly affected the two regions. After that, we interviewed farmers to recognize other influential reasons. They agreed that due to lack of water and the source of water is very few, these caused to lack of maturity of lemon tree fruits. In fact, this is the main reason for lack of maturity of plant fruits because in other region, there is a water source and the plant is everyday irrigated with a large amount of water. They got benefit from a research done by Um AlHakam School entitled “Study the Reasons of Lemon Trees not blooming”.


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