Green Up and Green Down at Palmer High School

Organization(s):Palmer High School
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Teacher(s):
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Date Submitted:05/09/2012

This is a quick summary of our main data collecting activity this year. We studied phenology and collected green down data. We are just now getting started with green up data. The kids really enjoy getting outside and taking photos.


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Nice job. Green up and Green down are fairly easy measurements but are quite important for looking at phenology. These measurements taken of the same trees over multiple years will help determine whether the growing season (the time between green up and green down) is changing.

Posted on 5/11/12 8:02 PM.

A comment from Trinity Lutheran School -

"Very nice video. I also believe that tracking data for the same trees would be very informative. It would be interesting if you could follow a tree from sprout to full maturity and see if age had an impact."

Posted on 5/15/12 4:53 PM.

From the students of the Montessori Academy of North Texas -

"Great seasonal identification pictures. We are curious as to what the question, hypothesis, observations and conclusions were. We would have liked to have audio to explain the significance of the pictures."

Posted on 5/15/12 9:04 PM.

From Alexander Dawson School -

"Thanks for your presentation it was nice to see your study site. I will show it to my students in Colorado and they will appreciate seeing how different your forest is from our area. We would love to collaborate with you next year and see how our data compares. "

Posted on 5/17/12 5:37 PM.

From the students of Estes Park Middle School -

"Our classes also studied phenology with Green Down in the fall and Green Up in this spring. What are the main types of trees in your area in Alaska? We mainly have conifers near our school but also some aspen and willow in our area of Colorado."

Posted on 5/21/12 7:09 PM.

From the students at Ramey School -

"We hope to continue to collaborate with you next school year to compare how our different climatic zones impact the Phenology in our areas. We believe that factors impacting our Phenology in the tropics will be different than yours in Alaska. Our plans are to continue to collect data and develop a research project to determine the factors affecting the Phenology in the tropical climatic zones."

Posted on 6/4/12 6:46 PM.