Becoming a GLOBE Observer

Join GLOBE Observer

To join GLOBE Observer, download the free app, available from the App Store and Google Play. You will need to give your location in one of the 120+ GLOBE countries, and provide an email address to create an account. Alternatively, you can use the online form on the create an account page before you download the app. Once you have created an account, you will be emailed a password to log in.

Make Observations

Collecting data is simple. The app tutorial provides the information you need to make observations of each type (Clouds, Mosquito Habitat Mapper, Land Cover and Trees) and will guide you through the observation process. Some of the steps are required, while others are optional. The optional steps may take more time or require additional equipment. Even a basic observation without optional elements is valuable!

Clouds app icon

  • Report on the overall percentage of cloud cover, and sky color and visibility
  • Report the types of clouds and contrails seen at low, medium, and high elevations in the sky, and the percentage cloud cover and cloud opacity at each level (optional)
  • Report on surface conditions (snow/ice, standing water, leaves on trees, etc.)
  • Take photographs in each cardinal direction (north, south, east, west) and up and down (optional)

Mosquito Habitat Mapper app icon
Mosquito Habitat Mapper

  • Identify and photograph a possible mosquito breeding habitat (standing water), and report if you see any mosquito larvae present in the water
  • Sample and count the larvae present in the water (optional)
  • Photograph larvae using a smartphone clip-on magnifying lens or microscope, and use a scientific key within the app to identify the species of the larvae (optional)
  • If possible, eliminate the mosquito breeding habitat (i.e. dump out the standing water, optional)

Land Cover app icon
Land Cover: Adopt-a-Pixel

  • Photograph the land cover in your surroundings, focusing on the area within the nearest 50 meters (about the size of half a soccer field)
  • Classify land cover identifying what kind of land cover (for example, trees, grass or shrubs) and how much of each type you see in each photo (optional)
  • Match your observations to a satellite land cover map and point out differences between the satellite data and the ground data (optional)

Trees app icon


  • Locate a tree and use the app to measure the angle from the bottom to the top of the tree, then count the number of steps to the tree. The app uses this to calculate the height of the tree.
  • Photograph the tree (optional)
  • Measure the circumference of the tree trunk (optional)
  • Report on surface conditions (snow/ice, standing water, leaves on trees, etc.)

Do More

You can contribute more scientific observations of the environment by joining the full GLOBE Program. To join, you must be trained through the e-training page. You will need to complete an introductory module, plus a specific sphere introduction (Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere or Pedosphere) and at least one protocol-specific module. Each module consists of a PowerPoint presentation to review, plus an assessment test (you will need to be logged in to your GLOBE Observer account to take the test.) Once you have completed the online training, you will have access to enter more types of data via the full GLOBE Data Entry systems. If you have further questions about the process to become a GLOBE Observer, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the GLOBE Observer team.