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Train the Trainer NARM Workshop, California, United States

Dates: 02/24/2024 - 02/25/2024
  • Atmosphere - Air Temperature
  • Atmosphere - Clouds
  • Atmosphere - Relative Humidity
  • Atmosphere - Surface Temperature
  • Hydrosphere - Alkalinity
  • Hydrosphere - Conductivity
  • Hydrosphere - Dissolved Oxygen
  • Hydrosphere - Nitrates
  • Hydrosphere - pH
  • Hydrosphere - Salinity
  • Hydrosphere - Water Temperature
  • Hydrosphere - Water Transparency
Contact Person: Tracy Ostrom

Availability: Restricted

Further Details:

This is a train-the trainer workshop for those interested in becoming a GLOBE trainer in atmosphere and/or hydrosphere. You MUST register for the in-person NARM to attend this workshop. This is only for the GLOBE community in the United States. See the restrictions and you must complete all paperwordk needed for Trainer candidates on the GLOBE website.