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Sinte Gleska University, South Dakota, United States

Dates: 03/10/2017 - 03/11/2017
Workshop Audience: Teachers

  • Atmosphere - Clouds
  • Atmosphere - Surface Temperature
  • Biosphere - Green-Up / Green-Down
  • Hydrosphere - Water Temperature
  • Pedosphere (Soil) - Soil Temperature

Contact Person: Anne Lewis

Availability: Open to all

Further Details:
This class will be targeted to Grade 3-6 teachers but can be scaled up to middle school. We will use the Elementary GLOBE story books as the anchors of our class time but we will also do site set up and data entry as well. The class will be held at the Student Service Building on the Antelope Lake Campus. Come dressed to go outside. Stipends will be provided to those who attend the whole 12 hours.