Global STEM Education Center in Massachusetts in 2022

Welcome to the US GLOBE Partner Blog

Our partnership has maintained the GLOBE school network  during challenging times of COVID19. We have recruited new schools & nonprofit organizations. Provided online support for teachers during COVID (urgent technical support with online teaching and learning). We are developing new PD for teachers on UNEP GEO-6, on science diplomacy for environmental education, on virtual “exchanges” (short terms and long terms collaboration). Professional development resources: (1) Intercultural Communication & Global Competency (2)Global Teamwork based on How NASA Build Teams 4D Systems (3) How to organize a virtual exchange/virtual collaboration (based on our 14 years of experience @Global STEM Classroom program©) (4) Environmental Science Diplomacy for Education (based on the UN, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF), Global Environmental Outlook for Youth; We are welcoming opportunities to partner with any schools from any parts of the world! Happy to hear from the GLOBE schools in Ireland, Iceland, Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others! Our collaboration interests: pre-service and in-service PD, Programming for students, Citizen Science, Informal science, etc. THANK YOU!

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