Hiking to the top of the Africa!

In about 15 days, I will begin the journey to Africa to join a team of GLOBE students, teachers, and scientists on the Kilimanjaro Learning Xpedition.  This is an exciting trek as it takes us up to almost 6,000 metres (over 19,000 ft).  Almost 30 years ago, I was an expedition leader on a scientific and educational expedition in the Indian Himalayas, and that was an incredible experience. That group included students doing botanical research in a valley high in the mountains of Kashmir followed by a trek through to Leh, Ladakh. Taking part in a scientific expedition at high altitude was challenging, but the rewards were great. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow hikers in Tanzania and I also look forward to sharing the experience with you through my Xpedition Blog.

On this trek as we head up the mountain, the Kili team will collect GLOBE data, which will be entered into the GLOBE science database that can be accessed by anyone around the world.  GLOBE has supported this trek previously and I am honored to be part of the team in 2015. In addition to the students, teachers and scientists, Jason Barnes, vice president for education partnerships, from Discovery Education, will also join us.  As the countdown continues, I am looking forward to this trek and invite you to follow along as we hike the mountain to the top of the world!  For more information click here


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