Data Collection and Entry... with the App!

A hyena cub lies down.

We began the hike to Lava Tower, our next campsite, on Saturday morning. At 4600 m it was a significant rise in altitude.  About two hours into our hike, we stopped at a stream to take some GLOBE measurements.  Here students collected data and entered it into an iPad with the GLOBE Data Entry App.  Once we get back to a Wifi connection, all the data we are collecting will be uploaded into the database for all of us to see.

Two students look at a cloud chart together.

Animals are difficult to see in this terrain but they do leave clues for you -- those come in all shapes and sizes.  Earlier in the day our guides had seen a lion paw print, while we were treated to scat from hyenas, Cape buffalo and Eland, a large antelope that can weigh up to 800 kilos.

Hands hold a cloud chart.

Altitude was not our friend on this hike and a number of people had some difficulties.  We were hiking in very barren area for most of the afternoon, taking it slowly.  Still it became a difficult hike for some. Upon arrival at the camp, and based on the abilities of the participants, the leaders and guides decided that it would be wise to split the group.  One that would continue at lower elevations, focusing on science, while the second would pursue a safe ascent to the summit.

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