NW Region GLOBE Partner Fall News

In my few years as a GLOBE partner I've come to realize that GLOBE is a massive organization that sometimes feels to me like it borders on an organism. Every time I look, there is growth, something new and exciting to take note of. A data quality challengeMission Earth. GLOBE branded Lands' End Apparel.  

Keeping up is a challenge.

I have decided to go on the offensive and to call upon one of the five Superpowers of the Internet: Archiving. Rather than rely on only email to stay in the loop, I am using the GLOBE ecosystem.

To wit:

  • I regularly check News and Community Letters on the GLOBE website. I have opted in to receive email notification but I have learned the hard way that I tend to skim (i.e. not read closely) my emails. Frankly, I'm rarely ready to respond to requests or opportunities in emails at the time I receive them. My usual MO is to make a mental note to check back later and go on to the next one. If I had a nickel for every email search I did for a vaguely remembered item, I would have enough to buy a Starbucks Venti Mocha Almond Double Latte at least. Maybe two. A week.
  • I subscribe to relevant blogs. US Country Coordinator Coordinator Jennifer Bourgeault is archiving her communications on her blog. Her's are packed to bursting with info. It's nice to be able to go back to refer to them for different items.
  • I have started archiving my GLOBE communications on my own blog, including communiques to the North West Partners and people affiliated with the South Dakota Discovery Center partnership.  

GLOBE has conveniently made finding these resources easy and intuitive. Look under Community in the menu bar at the top of the website to find the blogs and the News and Events menu to find, well, the News and News Briefs and Community Letters.

I cannot close out without encouraging you as a partner to start blogging as well. (This article has the info on how to set one up.) Leverage Internet Superpower* #1 (Sharing) and let us know how you do GLOBE in your place and space.

I look forward to hearing about the GLOBE goodness happening in the Northwest Region.

*The Five Internet Superpowers are sharing, archiving, curation, annotation, and discussion.

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