South Dakota GLOBE News: January 2017

Surface Temperature Campaign

If you collected surface temperature data as part of the Surface Temperature Urban Heat Island Field Campaign, be sure to enter it into the GLOBE database by January 3 in order to receive your stipend.

Thanks to Andrew Dempewolf, Lindsey Schilling, and Lisa Bahe for participating!

Upcoming Stipend Opportunities

Start planning now to participate in our upcoming stipend opportunities.

Feb 2017 Site Setup Stipend. Create a new site between January 1, 2017 and  Feb 28, 2017. If you are new to data entry, let this be the added nudge to determine which protocols you do and set up your site.

If you have collected data already, find a new protocol to do! Green up/green down, soil temperature, and my personal favorite cloud cover are good options for spring.

April 2017 Earth Day Stipend. Celebrate Earth Day by taking your students outside to collect data. Set up the site in February and use the GLOBE Data App to record data when you are in the field in April. $25/data set, up to $100. Data must be collected March 1 - April 30 and reported by May 5.

Upcoming Professional Development

Visualizing and Interpreting Earth Systems Data. Huron. Math and Science Teachers Conference (requires conference registration): Saturday, Feb 4 11:30am

Project Learning Tree and Elementary GLOBE Pierre.March 5 11am - 4pm.  This is part of a two day workshop combined with Project Learning Tree. Stipends available. (Note: date changed from February to March). Registration.

GLOBE Learning Expedition June. Dates TBA. This 3 day/2 night backcountry excursion will immerse you in field studies. We will kayak and camp along one of South Dakota’s rivers while taking GLOBE measurements along the way. New and experienced GLOBE educators welcome.

NEW: GLOBE Mini Learning Expedition. Date TBA.Primitive camping not your thing? Join us for a two day professional development opportunity but sleep in a bed at night. The first day we are in class, the second we are in the field.

NEW and ONGOING: Webinars

Participate in a webinar and you can get a contact hours certificate.

Find out more here:


New Hampshire teacher Haley Wicklein set up six Atmosphere monitoring sites. Read about it in US Country Coordinator Jen Bourgeault’s blog.

The discussions have begun in earnest for the spring Northwest Student Research Symposium. It’s like a science fair (with GLOBE data) but more about the process than the winning. Dates should be announced by mid-January. Start having your students develop their projects today!

Save the Dates: GLOBE Annual Meeting with Student Research Experience: July 30 - August 4. New Haven Connecticut

If you are on Facebook, check out #EEinSD for Jane Amiotte’s photos of GLOBE activities she did with students in her out of school time programs. Share photos of your students and GLOBE activities.

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