Getting Ready for the Eclipse

Congratulations to the GLOBE community - the GLOBE Observer app now has over 50,000 registered users!  

That of course has an impact on the GLOBE system...We're getting ready for the eclipse right now - we have a few things to do to support everyone.  We're expecting on the order of 50-100 data measurements per second, which could result in 4 million cloud files during the eclipse and a TB of storage.  We'll be adding about 40 servers for just a few days to handle the load, and then ramp back down to our "normal" mode of operations.  We're running through lots of testing right now.  If things seem a little slower than usual on Monday, you'll know what's going on.

Be sure to get out and do your temperature and cloud measurements during the eclipse and enjoy what should be an amazing experience. And for everyone not in the "eclipse zone"...there are a lot of GLOBE and NASA events, live feeds and facebook live events for you too! 

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