Student Reflection of International Collaborations

Written By Vaibhav  Chakraborty New Delhi, India

It’s been almost 5 years since I first met these lovely people from Hawkins, Texas at GLOBE conference in New Delhi. At that point if someone would’ve asked me whether it’s a long run friendship or just a temporary meeting, but soon it turned out to be one of the best thing to have happened to me. While working on water and soil protocol as a part of GLOBE project, our respective schools scheduled Skype sessions so that we could exchange our data and be able to measure the differences between our data and draw a conclusion. Soon I used to have similar Skype sessions from my home and I was surprised and moved when in 2014 during GLOBE GLE Conference in Delhi, Mrs. Audra of Hawkins High School invited me to attend the conference and hang out with Allyson and Madison after two years, even though I had graduated from high school. Although now we all have been busy in our respective lives but every now and then we get in touch with each other to know whereabouts of each other. I feel none of this would have been possible without the platform provided by GLOBE and with the bottom of my heart I would like to thank GLOBE for doing such an amazing work in the field of environment as well providing young and enthusiastic children from across the world to come together and solve out the problem of environment by using scientific data research and through deliberation and discussion.


My thank you note would be incomplete without mentioning an achievement that I achieved last year when I was selected to represent my country India for the Study of the United States Institutes fellowship on environmental issues and I feel it wouldn’t have been possible without the learning and development that I have gained through being a part of GLOBE Family.


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