WANTED: Teacher and Student Presenters for February, March and April 2018 ENSO SODA Webinars

Greetings from NASA and the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign!

As you know, as part of Phase III: Water in Our Environment, we have been having data collection events each month that focus on Short Observation & Data Analysis (SODA). Following these data collection events, students and teachers are welcome to present at SODA webinar. So far, we have had SODA presentations from Croatia and the United States.  Check out our ENSO Phase III webinar page.

As a refresher on how the SODA webinars work:

  • Introduction of featured teacher, students and school (2 minutes)
  • Presentation by featured teacher and/or students (20-25 minutes)
    • Chosen Phase III Guiding Investigative Question(s)
    • How the question was explored (dates of data collection)
    • Ideas for potential collaboration
  • Collaboration and discussion time (30 minutes)

What do I do to participate in a SODA event?

  1. Identify the Guiding Investigative Question(s) to explore
  2. Conduct protocol measurements using as many of the GLOBE protocols as desired
  3. Take protocols measurements at least 3 times per week for one month
  4. Report on the data collected at a GLOBE Water in Our Environment SODA webinar*
  5. Collaborate with other GLOBE schools

*The monthly SODA webinars would focus on the data collected during the SODA event. Several schools (teachers and students) would present their data collection and what the data has told them about Water in Our Environment. Each school presenting at a SODA webinar would then collaborate with another school or schools taking some of the same measurements, answering the same questions.  Schools can participate in more than one SODA event during the campaign. No limit on data collection.

If you and/or your students are interested in presenting at a future SODA webinar, please contact This is on a first-come, first-serve basis until all spots are filled.



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