The Evaluation Working Group

During the Annual Meeting in 2016, the Evaluation Working Group defined a set of goals for the following year, and prioritized some tasks to be developed as part of our work for the community.  One of the objectives we established was to write a one-pager for individuals who want to present themselves when looking for financial support for the GLOBE community, especially for teachers and country coordinators who need economical support from private agencies, companies, ONG’s, to develop typical activities at their schools such us purchasing materials and instruments, transportation to the study sites, prizes for contests, per diem to attend a training, etc.

Having this focus, we decided to put together some general information about GLOBE, the audiences involved in the program (students, teachers, scientists), the purpose of the activities that are organized, what the participants can do with the data they take (research, projects, collaboration with other schools). The one pager can be tailored to present the specific information that the person requesting for support wants to convey to the potential funder. For example, numbers of schools, numbers of teachers trained, etc.

We are also making available all the possible ways that one can find information about GLOBE in the media.

We wrote this one-pager to help the GLOBE members who do not count on a permanent or consistent support from third parties nor have their own budget to support the scientific and learning activities. Our purpose was to create a flexible and easy to use tool that members of the community can use when they meet with a potential sponsor and enforce their request.       

The one-pager is preceded by a note with specific instructions on how to use it depending on the needs of the user (you can add photos, graphs, tables).        

As our potential funders are all over the world, we thought it was a good idea to translate it in as many languages as we could in the group. So there are available versions in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. We propose and encourage volunteers who want to translate it to other languages or dialects to do it and send their versions to our Chair in the Evaluation Working Group, Nektaria Adaktilou, in order to communicate and share it as much as we can to help the community develop GLOBE activities.

The one-pager will be uploaded on the GLOBE website very soon and will also be available also through the GLOBE Regional Offices for everybody.


We hope you find it useful!

Thank you Andrea! We hope this one pager will be useful to the Community. Looking forward to getting feedback from people who get to use it.