Country Mosquito Training - Vietnam

From June to August, Center for Education and Development (CED) colorable with Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC) to deployment new project "GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention". The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project will be pushing the edge of citizen science impact, aiming to enlist thousands of students, teachers, and community leaders to collect data on mosquitoes for a global mapping project.  This project has an ambitious target of 100,000 data submissions contributed by the end of 2019.  Global data collection on this scale will provide the information needed to help international scientists predict new outbreaks throughout an application GLOBE Observer - Mosquito Habitat Mapper.

At the moment CED and VNSC deployed 5 courses in 4 cities:
- Ba Vi commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi: 25/06/2018
- An Giang University, An Giang province: 07/08/2018
- Satellite Technology Applications Center (VNSC - Branch Ho Chi Minh), Ho Chi Minh city: 09/08/2018
- Phuoc Tien primary school, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province: 10/08/2018
- Vietnam National Space Center, Hanoi: 18/08/2018

The participants include the teachers, the Public Health Officials, head communities, the Public Health Workers, community members, the student from the local university.

CED & VNSC each organization has one trainer attended Regional Mosquito Training.

The highlights of the training courses are:
- Trainees take initiative giving the questions, finding out knowledge

- Support each other into practice 

- Create a lot of ideas to expand the program

Although the training courses still have some points need to improve:

  • Time for each the training courses is too short
  • The toolkit is not enough for every trainee
  • The application (GO - MHM) does not have the Vietnamese language (hard to deploy to more people, especially the target is the community)

Others photos of the courses:

Center for Education and Development - Nguyen Tien Thanh

Hydrosphere - Mosquitoes: Master trainer