I just updated HoloGLOBE to v1.0.2. For those of you new to this app, HoloGLOBE brings NASA and NOAA visualizations of the Earth to the palm of your hand through augmented reality (AR). You can read more about the app here:

In this latest release, I have added play/pause functionality to the MyNASAData module. The MyNASAData is essentially an augmented reality version of GLOBE's Earth System Poster. In addition the new ICESat-2 module has been added. The ICESat-2 module was built by Emme Wiederhold, a student at Washington University, during her Summer 2018 internship at NASA Goddard. Finally, I disabled VR Mode for iOS devices only. This is the result of a bug in the foundation software of which the app is built upon. If the demand is high enough I will rebuild the app on the newest software and re-enable VR Mode. Disabling VR Mode simply means that you are not able to use a headset with an iPhone; however, you will still enjoy the AR experience.

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