Have you ever wondered if you could compare the precipitation data you are collecting to NASA satellite data?  The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission is celebrating the fact that we have just released the latest version of our IMERG data which includes nearly global precipitation estimates for the past two decades! 

You can follow the directions here to find out how to compare and contrast your precipitation data with that of the GPM mission for your location.  If you haven't been collecting precipitation data, you can do this alternative activity to find out how much the international satellite constellation measured in your location. 

You will receive a digital certificate of appreciation from GPM's Communications team for submitting your data to us during our Fall IMERG campaign. We will be developing a variety of resources to highlight the release of this latest data product, including NASA news stories, short videos and LiveShots, and an IMERG introductory training.  

Learning how to access and use this data might also be very useful to your IVSS science investigations. Imagine being able to look at the past two decades of precipitation that fell in your location and use that information to help find cause and effect relationships!

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