Tree Campus K-12: U.S. Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Members can Leverage Their Tree Research

The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign has found a way for campaign-participating schools, to leverage their tree height and tree-related activities to earnsome more awesome recognition. If participating campaign members are collecting tree height data or using tree-related measurements and observations from GLOBE for student-driven research projects and citizen science efforts, member schools are already well on the way to earning Tree Campus K-12 recognition for the currentschool year.

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, the Arbor Day Foundation has a brand new program for K-12 schools called, “Tree Campus K-12.” According to the Tree Campus K-12 website:

“Tree Campus K-12 inspires collaboration between schools, students, and communities to facilitate experiences with trees as a learning tool. The program encourages schools and educators to create purposeful opportunities for students to interact with trees by offering resources as well as a framework for becoming recognized and celebrating their efforts with their community.”


Students taking tree observations. Image credit: Arbor Day Foundation


For all you Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign members, this program is a great

way to maximize all your tree height and tree research efforts and gain recognition for your

classroom, school, and community.

Through meeting the four program goals and applying for Tree Campus K-12 recognition, you can

  • Earn recognition for your school's tree-focused GLOBE activities!
  • Fit your student research into a simple framework, combined with great resources, and gain national recognition to guide and celebrate your efforts to bring the benefits of trees to life.


Elementary school students taking a tree height measurement. Image Credit: Brian Campbell


Visit today to learn about the program's four goals, get resources to help you celebrate Arbor Day, and start your application.

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