Looking at Online Data Tools for Student Research for Trees - Video Tutorials

As you know, there are so many online tools that you can analyze, visualize, and retrieve data and imagery for student and professional research. Our campaign team knows that it can be tough to know just which one(s) to choose to assist in research. Online tools can be used as aides in student research from local to global environments. Comparing ground-based data and imagery, from GLOBE with satellite and airborne data, can serve as an amazing way to focus student research. We also know that teachers and students are extremely busy right now, especially in the global pandemic-driven new way of virtual, in classroom, and hybrid learning.

We have created some great, short video tutorials from our campaign team’s favorite online tools for student research. These tutorials were part of past campaign webinars. We have extracted the tutorials so that students and educators can easily access the content. In many of these videos, you will see our campaign co-lead and online tools and data expert, Peder Nelson, showcasing these tools for student research.



Collect Earth and Open Altimetry are just some examples of our favorite online tools for data and imagery  research and analysis


When talking to your students about their potential student research projects for GLOBE IVSS, please direct them to the “Online Tools for Student Research with Video Tutorials page.”

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