Dual Language GLOBE IVSS Webinar to help students create effective scientific posters

On November 11, a very dynamic educator provided a one-of-a-kind GLOBE IVSS webinar. Alejandro Mundo is a geophysicist, a science teacher at Kingsbridge International High School in Bronx, NY, and a CCRI educator.

The Climate Change Research Initiative (CCRI) is a year-long STEM engagement opportunity for educators and graduate students to work directly with NASA scientists and lead research teams in a NASA research project at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), in New York City. Alejandro and his team have been working on a project entitled “Earth Observation Applications for Resiliency – Assessing Climate Change Impacts in Urban, Agricultural, and Natural Environments”. In a nutshell, Alejandro studies the Urban Heat Island effect at a global scale!

During the webinar, Alejandro switched back and forth between English and Spanish, providing his full presentation in both languages! Although Alejandro ended up a bit exhausted after performing his linguistic acrobatics for over an hour, he was really, really happy to be able to reach a broader audience.

Alejandro provided very helpful tips of how to communicate your scientific research through the development of an effective scientific poster.

If you missed the event, there’s nothing to worry about, you can watch the recording on the GLOBE Implementation’s Office YouTube channel.

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