The 25,000th NASA GO Tree Height is in!

NASA GLOBE Observer Trees Tool 25,000th Tree Height Observation Shareable

WOOHOO! It’s time to celebrate! The NASA GLOBE Observer just had its 25,000th citizen science tree height observation. The observation came in on November 30, 2020 from Corvallis, Oregon. Since the release of the NASAGO Trees Tool on March 26, 2019, there has been an average of 40 tree height observations taken per day across the GLOBE Program participant countries.

Locations of NASA GO Citizen Science Tree Height ObservationsDo you want to take tree height observations too? Check out Your tree height observations are so important to science research and exploration:

- Tree height is the most widely used indicator of an ecosystem’s ability to grow trees.

- Tree height allows you to track the growth of trees over time.

-The GLOBE Tree height observations can help researchers understand the gain or loss of biomass which can inform calculations of the carbon that trees and forests either take in from or release into the atmosphere.

Remember, always follow guidelines from your local officials, and only participate in GLOBE activities or use the GLOBE Observer app if it is safe to do so. Please check out the GLOBE Program's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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