Feeling grateful for 2020 and hopeful for 2021!

This has definitely been a tough year, but very good things also happened!

I feel grateful for the opportunity to join a group of hard-working, creative, and passionate people from around the world. My fellow members of the GLOBE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force have taught me a lot this year, and I look forward to continuing our journey, working together to help make GLOBE a more welcoming community every day. More than colleagues, I consider each member of the GLOBE DEI team, as part of my family!

This year, I also witnessed the commitment and the dedication of GLOBE teachers who, on top of handling their already difficult schedules adapting to the remote/hybrid learning environments, still made time to broaden their reach by leading webinars that could be accessed by students worldwide. One example was the Dual English/ASL webinar conducted by two awesome teachers from Lexington School for the Deaf: Jillian Anderson and Wade Phillips. There is no question the GLOBE community is powerful and inspiring!

I am thankful for GLOBE teachers, students, and citizen scientists around the world for their continued work despite all the challenges, and I feel hopeful for a happy, healthy, and productive 2021 for all!

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