Nogunchi- GLOBE Mosquito Project 

Identification of Mosquitoes within Students communities 

 Sections of students trained on Mosquito Habitat Mapping  Project 

Ghana GLOBE in March 2021 collaborated with Noguchi Memorial Institute to train four schools within Greater Accra and its environs on how to identify Mosquito species in their communities.  

A total of 20 students,  four teachers and two STEM Coordinators were trained.  As a pilot project,  GLOBE Ghana Coordinator Ms. Berthy Buah took the opportunity to sensitize the schools on the importance of engaging in GLOBE activities in their schools and the numerous benefits awaits them if taken seriously. 

Scientists from the Parasitology department also encouraged the participants to embrace research as part of their study and consciously develop interest in it.

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Thank you for working so hard to make your community safer and more aware of how to reduce the threat of mosquito-borne disease.