GLOBE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group makes a debut at GLOBE Annual Meeting!

Today is such a special day! The -new- GLOBE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group was formed at the beginning of this year and today marked their first presentation at a GLOBE Annual Meeting! This group has ambitious goals and is working hard towards breaking language and accessibility barriers to make GLOBE the most inclusive environment possible. Though still in the planning process, the working group is considering different ways to have volunteers from various language groups that can help translate and review materials that are currently inaccessible to many students and teachers. Beyond language translation, the group is also looking at ways in which materials (physical and digital) can become more accessible to people with different skills and abilities. The DEI Working Group is also working towards a web page that will compile DEI related resources, including a DEI glossary, a DEI citizenship document describing what the working group feels a good GLOBE citizen would be like in terms of DEI, best practices we can all learn about to make our community more welcoming, and much more. Ultimately, the DEI WG is aiming for a 100% accessible 2022 GLOBE Annual Meeting. All its members are committed to getting as close to the target as possible. Very excited for the progress being made and looking forward to helping make GLOBE the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive community!

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