A new look and way to submit meteorological observations with your cloud observations

Many protocol-trained GLOBE members may have noticed a recent update to the GLOBE Program’s GLOBE Observer app. The change brings a new look and a new way to submit GLOBE atmospheric measurements. 

If you were used to entering meteorological conditions in the Cloud Tool, you’ll see this option is no longer there. Don’t worry, you can still submit these observations through the Atmosphere Data Entry section.

You just need to do a few extra steps to get it all set up. The new update gives you the opportunity to save your favorite or go to observations as a bundle, a step you only have to do once!



So, let’s get started! 

  • First, select the new addition, Atmosphere Data Entry, now found at the top in the main page of the app. 
  • Select new observations and choose the protocols you would like to use. In this screen you can select clouds, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. 
  • Optional: scroll to the bottom and save the selected protocols as a new custom bundle! 
  • Select an existing GLOBE site or create a new one. 
  • Add information about the thermometer used, and complete your cloud observation as usual. Once you finish taking photographs of sky and clouds, the app will prompt you to enter the data for the other protocols selected. 
  • Send in your observations to The GLOBE Program!


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