Our school „Prirodoslovno – grafička” in Zadar joined GLOBE program in November 2020. Our first task was retrieving data about clouds. The challenge  was to train pupils in recognising different  types of clouds given that this is not covered by their school curriculum. To overcome this challenge, we aimed to connect teaching of clouds with the school subjects that the pupils are studying. For pupils studying Graphical design, we decided to connect learning of clouds with Art. Each pupil had to choose an art painting depicting clouds, perform an analysis of the selected work of art, write their experience of the chosen painting and determine the type of a cloud.

Eight pupils who are studying the Graphical design found the art work on the Internet, made an art analysis and cloud  determination. The art analysis included name of the autor, name of the painting, period, dimensions, location, technique and pupils’ personal experience of art work. During the GLOBE workshop at school, each pupil presented their chosen art work and other pupils commented on it. Importantly, discussion was held about the cloud determination.

projekt An example of cloud determination and art analysis (CLOUDS: CUMULUS)

Author: John Constable

  • Valley Farm, 1835;
  • dimensions: 147,3X125,1 cm
  • Location: British Museum, London
  • Period: romanticism
  • Technique: oil on canvas

The personal expirience of art work (I.R. age 15): I liked the painting and I think it is very interesting. Although dark colors were used in the painting, it is not gloomy. I like contrast between sky and clouds and the rest of the painting and I enjoyed analizing this work of art.

In this project, Graphical designer pupils were practising cloud determination for GLOBE from pieces of art whilst applying their knowledge from Art lessons, which is important for their future employment. Importantly, this was shown as an effective tool for introduction to clouds and  possibilities to connect GLOBE program with Art.





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