4Ds Mpumalanga's 4Ds

At the start of the month, i was invited by SAASTA, a body in South Africa that promotes science in schools to train teachers in 4 districts in 4 days in Mpumalanga. It took me 5hrs of drive from Pretoria to my first venue of training where 40 teachers from different schools welcomed us. Later on we proceeded to two other districts where at least 40 teachers at each venue were introduced to GLOBE, trained in two Atmospheric protocols, how to navigate the website, enter data and shown how to use the GLOBE observer App. The six hour day training empahasised the importance of intergrating GLOBE protocols in the learning process. In total close to 120 teachers were trained, some did the 'introduction to GLOBE' quiz there and then while others at home. Challenging as it was with the unresponsive androids phones and unstable internet connection, there was excitment when teachers completed the quiz at the required 80% pass mark. Grade six learners from two schools also joined us during the training and i took the opportunity to demonstrate how the learned protocols can be intergrated in a learning environment. Much appreciation goes to Mark, who alligned this training and Mokgadi the CC who supported. Lots i could share, unfortunately i did not get permission to share their photos, but as i write, there are certificates to sign off in recognition of their training. cheerio!!!

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