March 2022 - Features in Progress

What's coming in the near future to the GLOBE website

Wanted to post an update on new capabilities that are in the works right now...we hope to see these features coming out in the months ahead:

GLOBE Observer
1) We're working on the Hydrosphere protocols to add to the current set of Atmosphere protocols.
2) A new geofencing option is in test that will allow scientists to ask users to collect certain data at certain times and certain locations. 
3) Quality checks for time and location
4) Improvements for people with visual impairments

GLOBE Website
1) Tracking measurements for individual students instead of all measurements under a teacher.
2) Adding screen names so a user can select (from a pre-approved list) of possible screen names. 
3) Modify GLOBE Teams to show individual user contributions to the team (using the screen names mentioned above)
4) Modify "MyObservations" so you can see all protocols - not just the GLOBE Observer's 4 protocols. 

Once these are up and running, we'll be working to improve the ability of teachers to setup student accounts and track how their students are doing with their individual data contributions.

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