15 July 2022 - Snippets and Activities - U.S. Coordination Office

"Nothing is worth more than laughter." - Frida Kahlo

Happy Friday!
​​​​​​​Were you wondering about the lack of posts the last few weeks? I was spending some time in the Adirondacks (NY) with my family the week before July 4th and last week I was in Estes Park, CO with the GLOBE and Earth Systems Science Collaboratives. I encourage you to check out their pages for more information about the 7 groups of GLOBE Partnerships and their regional and cross-regional partners. They are doing great work and the discussions were lively around how they could better work together to reach a broader audience of youth, educators and families, leveraging GLOBE. Here is what else is going on - other than preparing for the Annual Meeting of course!

  • 2021 GLOBE Partner Yearbook is in the design phase, keep an eye out for release around the time of the GLOBE Annual Meeting.

  • Great news story on the Midwest GLOBE Partnership Spring Roundup. The Midwest Region is BUSY!

  • Watercoolers take a break during July and August. Over the summer you can catch up on ones you missed on the U.S. GLOBE Watercooler YouTube Playlist and signups are open for the 2022-2023 Watercooler year.

  • We still have $100 stipends available to pre-service and in-service teachers who would like to write a blog post (or other format) sharing how they would link a Natural Inquirer issue to GLOBE and vice versa for a classroom activity. We estimate that one crosswalk write-up would take about 2-4 hours. See how you can participate here.

  • The GLOBE website is undergoing some improvements thanks to GIO staff. Check out the updated GLOBE equipment pages.GLOBE logo on a light green background.  

  •  ​​​​​​​Prepare for a new year of GLOBE workshops and data collection with your own GLOBE-branded hats, shirts and well, you name it, they seem to have it, from the GLOBE Lands End store. I'm expecting my pale emerald, no iron, button-down shirt with the embroidered GLOBE logo any day now! 


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