SEES 2022: Carlos' Mosquito Research

Guest blog: Carlos O.

Firstly, my first week wasn't the most successful; I placed 2 buckets around my AOI, but wasn't able to get a third down. I walked in one business and asked if I could use the land in the back. They said they would give me a call when they could... never got that call through the week. I also called a church in my AOI and, again, they would call me back. No call. Lastly, I tried my elementary school since it was in my AOI, but I haven't gotten an email back (understandable as school was over). I tried to look at the bright side of things as I was able to get 2 buckets down. 

When checking next Monday, one of my buckets were completely missing, so I was down to one and there had been no evidence of mosquito eggs or larvae. The other bucket had an abundance of [almost] larvae and while taking pictures, I got a mosquito bite! Spirits high, I decided to try a new experiment all at the centroid of my AOI, my house, so I wouldn't have to worried about the habitats being tampered with. 

I placed 4 of the exact same bowls and added 3 baits: fish food, dog food, and sugar. The final bowl was left without bait. I am excited to see the outcome of this and I will keep updates coming! :)  


                No Bait                  Fish Food                   Dog Food              Sugar


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