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The South Dakota Discovery Center is issuing a call for water transparency data from lakes, streams, rivers, ponds in South Dakota using a turbidity (or transparency) tube,  often referred to as a t-tube since both transparency and turbidity start with the letter t.   The t-tube is a simple instrument. It is a tall, transparent tube of at least 120 centimeters that is marked off in centimeters on the side. On the bottom is a quadrant pattern of alternating black and white sections. You can measure the clarity of the water by measuring the depth of the water in the ...

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Please welcome Guest Blogger Shona Emery , a GLOBE 5th/6th Grade STEAM Teacher from Ellis School in Fremont, New Hampshire. This blog is the fourth in a series of posts by GLOBE teachers sharing classroom experiences to support the student research process. The series is supported by NSF funding for the United States Regional Student Research Symposia . If you are a teacher interested in contributing, please contact Haley Wicklein for more information. Specifically, we would love to hear from teachers who can share challenges and advice around the topic of student data ...

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