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Happy Fall! This is certainly not the typical beginning of the academic year we had hoped for, but I hear amazing things about GLOBE teachers across the country making it work remotely, through in-person hybrids and for some, completely in-person. I hope you find little tidbits here that you can use.  Stay safe and stay well friends! Resources that came skidding across my desk (aka my dining room table) this month: The STEM for All Multiplex theme of the month was “Leveraging Authentic Data Across STEM Curricula.” Follow the link to see the blog post, playlist and the ...

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Did you know that NASA satellite data is being used to predict,monitor, and respond to vector-borne and water-related disease around the world? Imagine the value of using both GLOBE ground-based data; such as precipitation, vegetation, soil moisture, surface temperature, and humidity; to help us better understand disease! As you think about what you might like to research for the next school year, consider using NASA satellite data along with your GLOBE data to investigate various aspects of water-related and vector-borne disease. You can learn about the research conducted ...

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Audience : Everyone! (Students and teachers all grade levels, informal educators, and the general public) Dates : July 15, 2020 - August 15, 2020 How to Participate : Spend summer together by discovering clouds from a new perspective. There are many ways to participate. Learn more about clouds with NASA scientists and educators each Thursday on NASA Earth’s Facebook page , do at-home activities, or take cloud or sky observations through the Clouds tool on GLOBE or the GLOBE Observer app . It is all up to you! Show how you took part in this unique event by sharing ...

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Hello GLOBE community, The NASA GLOBE Clouds team is offering virtually connections or personalized videos (previously recorded) for your students. It can be in a variety of topics including: Career Connections (Path to NASA) The Impact of Your Observations Clouds and Cloud Types Earth's Atmosphere and Climate Clouds and Atmospheres on Earth and Other Planets Cloud Types in Masterpieces/Landscape Paintings Any topic of Your Choice If you are interested, comment below or contact NASA GLOBE Clouds Project Scientist Marilé Colón Robles.  

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